Welcome to Entrepreneurship with Mrs. Boyer!



Open the Ch. 1 Research Documentation file below. It shows a sample of an idea to create a car repair shop. Use this sample to show how you should/could gather information and record it in the table. The table should be a collection of all of the items that you would need to start a business. Imagine that you are starting the business with nothing and must research where you could purchase the items needed to start your own business. Delete all of the "car" items and replace them with your own. Remember, this document could be many, many pages. It all depends upon what type of business you are creating and how many items you will need to purchase to get the business ready for that first customer.

This is where I will list what I am planning to do today (and also if there is any homework):

First day welcome:
Introduce the Wiki page
Go over class syllabus and layout of room
1st day activities
No Homework

Wednesday 8/26/15
Intro to ME on Wiki
Shark Tank video - complete the Word document (link above) and vocab terms/definitions

Thursday 8/27/15
Tried playing Risky Business - many didn't like the game

Friday 8/28/15
Quiet time given due to Mr. Pritchard's passing; students were to take time and complete assignments that were due this week

Monday 8/31/15
Students will start Millionaire Monopoly and complete worksheet that goes along with game; Mrs. Boyer is preparing the Business Plan Proposal documents for Thursday

Tuesday 9/1/15
Students will continue game and complete worksheet

Wednesday 9/2/15
Students will finish game and turn in summary of progress
Students will watch Shark Tank video and complete/turn in vocab worksheet

Thursday 9/3/15
Students will watch two videos: Ray Kroc and Sam Walton; complete and turn in worksheets on those videos
Whiteboard activity in groups: What types of businesses seem easy to start/develop and what types of businesses seem difficult?
Introduce Business Plan Proposal (found in Blended Schools); went over first page and how project requirements coincide with textbook pages 47, 73, 109, 135; also went over cover & back page; Review BPP Research Data Template;
Read Section 1-1 in textbook pp4 - 7 and complete "Notes for Outline" document on Blended Schools (ONLY FOR SECTION 1-1)
Homework: finish reading Chapter 1 and completing outline document; think about a business idea you would want to develop for your BPP

Friday 9/4/15 OFF Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!
Monday 9/7/15 OFF

Tuesday 9/8/15
Sam Walton video & worksheet
PABizOnline.com activity
BPP summary

Wednesday 9/9/15
Ray Kroc video & worksheet
Chapter 1 notes outline and review questions

Thursday 9/10/15
Research a Franchise activity (presentations tomorrow)

Friday 9/11/15
Franchise presentations (didn't get to these that day)
BPP intro with portfolios

Tuesday 9/15/15
Franchise presentations

Wednesday 9/16/15
Select and research a famous entrepreneur to present on Thursday 9/17/15

Thursday 9/17/15
Entrepreneur research

Friday 9/18/15
Entrepreneur presentations

Monday 9/21/15
Entrepreneur presentations

Tuesday 9/22/15 FLEX Schedule
Intro to Business Plan Proposal (BPP)
Work on: Logo, Slogan, Summary, & Data Research Template

Wednesday 9/23/15 Half-Day
BPP work: Language of Colors in Advertising, and How to Find the Square Foot of a Room (worksheets in back of room)

Thursday 9/24/15
BPP work: Section 3.1 through 3.3

Friday 9/25/15
Blended Schools, Chapter 3: Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce activity, SBA activity, SCORE activity

Monday 9/28/15
Chapter 3 Textbook Review Questions (file in Blended Schools) - SKIP REVIEW CONCEPTS SECTION pp 43 & MAKE CONNECTIONS pp 71 - complete, save, and upload into Blended Schools

Tuesday 9/29/15 FLEX SCHEDULE
BPP: Section 4.1 (sheet on back table):
only do Section 4.1, answering Questions 1-8 pp75 and creating a customer profile (sample on pp76) in a Word document...save, print, and turn in on counter

Wednesday 9/30/15
BPP: Section 4.2 and 4.3

Thursday 10/1/15
BPP: Section 4.4 and 4.5
Grand Opening Advertisement instructions on back table

Friday 10/2/15
1. In Blended Schools, complete the following worksheets:
Ch 4 Target Marketing & Market Segmentation
Ch 4 Marketing Target Characteristics
Ch 4 Who Are You?
2. Save and upload all 3 under the Who Are You TURN IN HERE link

Monday 10/5/15
BPP: Section 5.1

Tuesday 10/6/15 FLEX SCHEDULE
Catch up with BPP - make sure you're at Section 5.1

Wednesday 10/7/15
BPP: Section 5.2

Thursday 10/8/15
BPP: Section 5.3

Friday 10/9/15
BPP: Section 6.1 and 6.2
(You may print this out if you need to)


Wednesday 10/14/15
BPP: Section 6.3 and Store Layout (download file below for layout directions; you may print it if you need to)

Thursday 10/15/15
BPP: Section 6 - Research Documentation and Personal Reflection

Friday 10/16/15
Work on BPP - catch up, look at sample, ask questions, etc. BPP IS DUE NEXT FRIDAY!

Monday 10/19/15
1. Create a cover page and back page for your BPP
2. Create a Table of Contents for your BPP
(Please download these two files to use for instructions and examples)

3. Download the below Final Order & Rubric to make sure you have everything and how many points each component is worth:

Tuesday 10/20/15 FLEX SCHEDULE (I'm on a field trip today with Career Ed)
Work on BPP - due this Friday!

Wednesday 10/21/15 HALF DAY
Work on BPP - due this Friday!

Thursday 10/22/15
Begin finalizing BPP - due tomorrow by end of the block (print all documents, double-check, put in order, place in folder)

Friday 10/23/15
BPP due today by end of the block

Monday 10/26/15
End of Course Pictionary game

Tuesday 10/27/15
Handout on final essay

Wednesday 10/28/15 LAST CLASS
Finalize and print essay - turn in on counter by the end of the block Enjoy your second marking period!