Welcome to Mrs. Boyer's Business!

Mrs. Tonya Santamaria (on Educational Leave for Semester 1 of 2015-2016) She will be back for second semester! :)
Mrs. Amy Boyer (Long Term Substitute for Mrs. Santamaria for Semester 1 of 2015-2016)

Conestoga Valley High School
717.397.5231 extension 1109
Classroom Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
•Make appointment as necessary to stay after school or come in early for extra assistance.
•Learning Labs are available after school and the library has after school hours as well.
•Use your 1:1 laptop at home or at any Hot-Spot Wi-Fi location in the community.

Getting Started and Staying Current with the class:
•Click on a class to the left for a current list of what activities and assignments have been done throughout the course
•Go to the BLENDEDSCHOOL WEBSITE for additional course information and files. Open the files below for directions on getting access to the BlendedSchool website and using the CV Cloud:

Need Help?
•Email Mrs. Santamaria and/or Mrs. Boyer if you have any questions.